My Top 3 Favorite Bloggers

Bloggin’ ain’t easy…

Every one of my friends thinks starting a blog easy easy, and that’s true. The physical process of starting a blog is pretty painless. I had this blog developed in less than two weeks by an old friend.

What’s not easy is writing.

I didn’t know that before I started this blog. When everything was completed and I was staring at a blank page, it was a bit scary. Where the heck do I start?

That’s when I put away the Word document and started to do some research on other bloggers and their methods. I’ve gained a lot from their posts and figure that the least I could do is mention some of them in a blog post.

Check them out below! 

Pat Flynn


What a swell guy! His blog, was influential in my pursuit to start a blog. Not only to earn extra income, but to have fun doing it. If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable source of information to start your journey as a blogger, I recommend him.

Ashley Stock


I have always been a big fan of Ashley’s blog. I can remmember reading her posts before she become “big”. The one post that really helped me understand the technical part of blogging is this one on optimizing your blog posts for search engines. I had no idea about all this “behind the scenes” stuff that goes on. If you’re a mom, definitely check out her other articles.

Staci Salazar


Staci’s blog is such a treat to read. She always has the best reviews and giveaways. What I love most is that through her posts, I feel like I’ve known her and her family for years now!

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