Fall Family Activities (My Favorites)

Fall is my favorite season. The kids are back at school, the weather cools down, and I get to enjoy my favorite activities with my family :).

It wasn’t always my favorite season. Growing up, my family moved almost every year for my fathers job. Since both of my parents worked full time, I was placed in after school programs in the Fall. By “after school programs” I mean being bored to death in a library being forced to do my homework. I wanted to be outside, enjoying the beauty of the changing colors. When I grew up I knew I would spend as much time outside enjoying this beautiful season and that is exactly what I do.

Today’s post is a collection of my absolute favorite family-friendly activities to enjoy during the Autumn season.


Pumpkin Picking

I included this one first for a personal reason… Pumpkin picking is the first date that my husband and I ever went on. While I fell in love with him, I also fell in love with pumpkin picking.

This is a great activity to do with kids because it provides you with some many great picture opportunities for the little ones. Not only that but once you actually pick the pumpkin and bring it home, you can teach your son or daughter how to carve a pumpkin for Halloween. This is a perfect teaching opportunity to discuss the importance of knife safety.

Hay Rides

Not the scary hay rides for me! During the day, when the weather is clear, there is a barn that puts on hay rides for families. This is another great photo opportunity as your kids will probably be so happy to be riding in the back of a tractor.

A lot of local barns put on hay rides and offer hot cider and assorted food before or after.

Teaching Your Son or Daughter To Bake

My mother always used to bake fresh hot apple pie when the weather got colder and it was always a fun treat. As my kids got older I decided to teach them my mothers recipe. This is a great learning opportunity for them and to teach them the importance of following directions, but also having fun with it!

What family-friendly activities do you like doing in the Fall?

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