Redecorating The New Home

It’s been over four months and I already need to redecorate my new home! Can you tell I’m an interior designer already?

My mind has been racing with color pallets, art from galleries I’ve visited, and, of course, the Restoration Hardware Fall 2014 catalogue. I’ve received a bit of flack for wanting to redecorate so soon, from basically everyone I know (and everyone that isn’t insane, like me).

So, while I try to win this argument, I figured I would share some of my ideas on this blog – lighting, color scheme, furniture, and more.


I absolutely fell in love with these gorgeous sconces.


I’m attracted to a unique style I like to call “classic beauty”. Lighting that makes a statement but isn’t “in your face”. This piece is perfect for small, side walls and reading areas. I already have the perfect place picked out in our living room :).

Color Scheme

I’ve been bugging my husband about picking up new lighting and furniture. While he has been stalling on those two, he does agree that we need to repaint the house.

I’ve recently become obsessed with darker, more monotone colors. Which is so unlike me and my personality. I think it could be a phase, however, I’ve collected a few of my favorites below and labeled which rooms I think they should go in. I’d love to hear any thoughts in the comments!

 living_roomLiving Room




Media Room


Okay, we’ve officially come to my favorite part of this blog post… The furniture.

I feel so guilty wanting new furniture, especially since we completely remodeled our bedroom last month, which cost us quite a pretty penny.

Many of my friends think I’ve gone off the railings when I tell them I want the couch below.


After going over the entire Fall collection at Restoration Hardware, this is couch really stuck out to me. Plus, based on the color scheme I am thinking of going with (first one above), it fits perfectly.

So, what do you think? Should I redecorate?

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