Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinets

A while ago my husband and I decided to remodel our kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen cabinets was the hard part. Fortunately we stumbled upon a great kitchen contractor and they were able to help us out.

Kitchen cabinets have evolved constantly over the years. Colors, styles and costs have generally been a concern in later years when choices were availble.Today you can go mad with a bonanza of kitchen cabinets that will suit your taste, the style of your home, and your budget. .

There are a few questions to ask when looking at the installation of kitchen cabinets. Here, a look at the important things to keep in mind is discussed in order to help you chose the right style cabinets for your needs and budget.

1. Are you after something grand and custom built or something that does the job well but fits your pocket?

In this case you really need to think about what you want your cabinets to do in your kitchen. Essentially all cabinets are boxes which are fitted into your kitchen with shelves and drawers. You just get different results between the ready made, semi-custom and custom cabinets in terms of overall fit in your kitchen. Don’t be confused though. This does not necessarily mean you get a difference between aesthetic in your kitchen. The material you want to use is also important to keep in mind when choosing the cabinets.

2. What are the basic kinds of cabinets you get?

This falls into three categories – ready made, semi-custom and custom cabinets. Ready made are cabinets that are simply installed and ready to use. They are your cheapest option. The costs range from between $75 – $400 per linear foot. They have a standardized height of 36 inches.

Semi-custom cabinets are chosen from a range of designs then made off-site in standard measurements. These are great if you want to add something more personal to your home. Look at paying between $150 – $900 per linear foot. In addition, these cabinets take the longest to make and deliver. Expect a wait of between 12 – 14 weeks before you can install these.

Custom cabinets are designed to fit your kitchen perfectly and the style is modeled to your specifications. The cost is anywhere between $500 – $1400 per linear foot, but cost does not mean that you have to scrimp on style. The cabinets are generally available in 6 weeks and any alterations can be made during the manufacturing process.

We ended up going with the regular kitchen cabinets because they were high quality and fit our budget.

3. Calculating costs.

This is important in order to pick which kind of cabinet you can put in your home. This is done by measuring how many linear feet you need both above and below the cabinets. Depending on whether you are installing ready made or custom a home ware consultant can give you advice about this.

4. When do you choose custom made cabinets?

This choice will be necessary in instances where you have very irregular room space or an uneven floor. It may seem expensive, but the result will be great and worth the money.

5. The choice between cabinets and open shelves.

The idea of open plan living is moving into the fore now in decoration, even in kitchens. It is tempting to use only open shelves, but remember that this means everything in your kitchen cabinets is on display. A better option is to go with cabinets at the bottom, and open shelves at the top where you can store crockery which will look stylish and not unsightly. This will save money and can look attractive if done in the right way.

Let me know about your own cabinet or remodeling experience in the comments below!