The Many Benefits of Drinking Water

A found a great post on one of my favorite new blogs that talked about the benefits of drinking water daily. I knew it was important but I didn’t know it was THAT important. Today I want to share some of the benefit

Drinking water is a struggle for many people; try as they may they just cannot seem to get into the habit of downing several glasses of it down every day. The truth is that you need water for so many different things that you simply cannot afford to go without it. In fact, you are risking your health in some ways. This article is about how water helps with different areas of your body and health. Grab a glass of water and read through!

• Forget the coffee enemas and all those other recommended detox programs out there. The truth is that if you make it a habit to drink water on a regular basis your body will detox itself just fine. If you start taking 2 liters a day today you will be “clean” in a few months time.

• A lot of skin problems happen because we don’t drink enough water. People develop dry skin, uneven complexion, pimples, acne – and all because they are ignoring the simplest cure – water. Drink lots of water if you have skin problems and watch your skin and overall health improve.

• Constipation is a problem that affects millions of people world over. Scientists have looked at the numbers of people who have a problem moving their bowels in hot areas compared to those in cold areas. Not surprisingly, those who live in hot areas report less constipation. The most likely reason is that they drink more water than people who live in cold places.

• Ladies, water will help you feel less bloated. You know that feeling that you get in your tummy sometimes when you drink soda or a coffee? In fact, when you drink water the feeling goes away.

• If you are like most, there are times when you overdo the night out and wake up with a horrible hangover. Along with your 2 aspirin take two or three glasses of water and it will go away much faster.

• The moment you feel a cold coming on start to drink lots of water. It will last a shorter time and your symptoms will be less severe.

• Get a slimmer body – most people who drink little or no water usually rely on sweet drinks. When the sugar in the drink is digested it is converted into fat. Over the years, you will grow fatter and fatter. Water has no calories so it will keep you slim.

Done! Now go get yourself another glass of water!